From being respected to being centre stage

Automated consultants adds massive efficiency to the consultants’ business model. There is more time for analysis. Webshops provide extended opening hours. New job types improve efficiency, and more follow-on work drives higher invoices. But …there is more to this business case. Here are four other aspects.


1.     A magnet for new hires

Consultants can hire the best and the brightest if they convert to automated consultancy.  Not just to stop young people from pulling all-nighters but by offering hip and exciting data-related work. Trade in the post-its and flipcharts in favor of patterns and predictions. Getting the best candidates is essential for the growth of any business.

2.     Value-based consulting

It’s challenging to differentiate on rate cards, but it’s a blast to differentiate on value. With automated consulting, the full attention is on the outcomes rather than on the effort to get there.

3.     Link to academia

When projects now result in large amounts of data, consultants have ample opportunity to associate themselves with universities and scientific institutes. For example, firms may host some Ph.D. candidates, pair these candidates with promising young consultant talent, and have them produce some cutting-edge studies. Other than intellectual property, such collaboration yields respect, credibility, and prestige.

4.     Claim the role in society

            If consulting firms produce the data, they will have the resulting intellectual property. Consequently, the firms will be guiding and leading voices in societal debates. Plus, they can do good. So much good that we dedicated the following two pages to it.


PRAIORITIZE is the world’s first SaaS platform for Virtual Consultancy. We use artificial intelligence to help organizations digitally transform in a smart, efficient and science-based way. PRAIORITIZE is owned and operated by Transparency Lab, a Dutch employee-owned company. We started in 2008, understood patterns around 2016 and started with generative A.I. in 2020.

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