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Radio Show "Groundbreaking Business Models" features PRAIORITIZE

This episode of "Baanbrekende Businessmodellen" (Groundbreaking Business Models) of Business News Radio features PRAIORITIZE. (This interview is in Dutch.)


Amsterdam-based Software-as-a-Service firm PRAIORITIZE launches One-Click-Consultancy

Jan van de Poll is this time's guest in the podcast "The Future of the Firm"

Ed Scott presents the Source Global Research Podcast "The Future of the Firm" and has invited our Jan van de Poll as his guest to talk about "Is AI the future of consulting?".

PRAIORITIZE Launches A.I.-driven Self-Service Platform for Virtual Consultancy

A.I. (yes, including ChatGPT) Offers Management Advice to Millions of Managers

Business FAQ

How do we view consultancy firms?

Business quotes

Never short of one-liners ;-)

Technology quotes

What about the A.I. in PRAIORITIZE?

People FAQ

Why people come first

Technology FAQ

It's not a black box. On the contrary.

People quotes

Allow freedom and get objectivity and progress in return.

Consultancy Technology Outlook - #8

Alternative target-setting models and sentiment analysis

Consultancy Technology Outlook - #7

Merchandising and content-specific interpretation.

Consultancy Technology Outlook - #6

Self-explaining graphs and workshop libraries.

Consultancy Technology Outlook - #5

Company store wizard and subscriptions

Consultancy Technology Outlook - #4

Configurators, proposals, and purchase orders

Consultancy Technology Outlook - #3

Self-completing questionnaires and test drive benchmarks.

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