AVOID #6 - 50% (might) say 'yes' but think 'no'

Our book "How Transformation Executives Sleep So Well" describes seven transformation patterns to avoid and seven patterns to embrace. Here is an excerpt.

‘The researchers looked at two dimensions. First, on the x-axis, to what extent was the team aligned in their ambition for the next 6 months? Did the team members want to improve the same questions? Or had they wildly different ideas? Second, on the y-axis, looking at each individual team member: how similar was their ambition to the target that management had in mind?


The lower two quadrants indicate that 30% + 20% = 50% (!) of teams are only somewhat aligned, or even not aligned at all, with the target that management has in mind for the transformation in the next six months. They might clap during the town hall meeting but think otherwise. Of this 50%, 20% is – as a team – internally in agreement that they (to a certain degree) do not support the target (lower-right quadrant). The other 30% are also not aligned as a team about the near future (lower-left quadrant). The upper-right quadrant is most positive: 30% of teams are aligned as a team and with the target. But … it’s only 30%.


Simply put, each quadrant needs a bespoke approach. For example, in the lower-right corner (high team alignment, low alignment with the management target), upper management might engage in a ‘conflict’ approach and play hardball to get their target officially pushed through. Alternatively, soften the management’s stance and seek a compromise.’

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