EMBRACE #3 - Everyone does something else right

Our book "How Transformation Executives Sleep So Well" describes seven transformation patterns to avoid and seven patterns to embrace. Here is an excerpt.

‘Well, the change ambassadors are so close to, on, or above the target that they have enough capacity to spend time to help others. They have already achieved what others still have to improve. In our questionnaire example on page 39, employees who have seen/attended a presentation and came up with one or more concrete ideas on applying that strategy in their work, mentioned that to their manager, and then formally discussed it with their team.’


          ‘Again, only the happy few?’ he suggested.


‘No, you’re only partially correct. Yes, these change ambassadors should have ample time to help others. But scientific research in 2,000 teams has shown that roughly 96% of employees scored at least average on one or more parts of the transformation questionnaire.’


          ‘That means that everyone does something right but potentially

           everybody does the same thing right.’ he interjected.


‘True, but that’s not all. For 99% of the topics (groups of questions) in the questionnaires, the bandwidth between the worst and the best scoring employee was so large that it made sense to share knowledge among colleagues.’


‘That means that everyone does something else right.’


‘Correct.’ said the Transformation Executive. ‘That’s why you have to be careful not to dismiss or even fire people.’

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