EMBRACE #6 - Nudging works

Our book "How Transformation Executives Sleep So Well" describes seven transformation patterns to avoid and seven patterns to embrace. Here is an excerpt.

Nudging is a Nobel prize-winning concept that government agencies and Business-to-Consumer companies have widely adopted. Only recently, nudging has found its way into changing employee behavior during an organizational transformation.’


          ‘Enlighten me… what are nudges?’ the young manager asked.


‘Nudges are friendly reminders that alter people's behavior predictably without forbidding any options or significantly changing their economic incentives. Translated to a transformation setting: a computer can send personalized reminders and suggestions to an employee based on the click behavior on their dashboard.


After all, employees are not accustomed to a dashboard that does more than show some numbers. That a dashboard interpretes these numbers, suggests next steps, offers best practices, and informs you about colleagues that can help you. That a dashboard changes along with you as you progress through the transformation. Hence, friendly reminders help introduce parts of the dashboard that an employee has not, or has hardly, used.’

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