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Perhaps a cliche but this company wants to make it a better world for managers.

Globally, 100 million managers do not have access to management advice. Assuming a span of control of four employees and an average family size of three, there are 1,5 billion mouths to feed. Don’t provide a fish; teach how to fish. Think of consultancy access as an additional United Nations' sustainable development goal.

Unfortunately, consultancy is an elite product for the boardroom.

In fact, more people buy the "C" of Chanel than the "C" of consultancy. Consultancy firms serve less than 1% of organizations in the developed world and less than 0,01% of organizations world-wide. And those lucky few are served at boardroom level; not below. Consultancy firms will not reach these other 99% by putting on a suit and stepping into a lease car. It's time to go digital. To go online. To use artificial intelligence to address this scale.

Consultants? Great know-how. Outdated packaging.

Yet, consultants advise about digital transformation but their core consultancy process makes them one of the most under-automated industries: post-its, flipcharts, markers, and slide decks. Personal trainers do not have a beer belly, do they?


Artificial intelligence comes to the rescue.

Cloud computing and automation are the fundaments on which A.I. can scale, can understand business issues and give managers real time advice in return. Specifically, generative A.I. like GPT-3/ChatGPT provides personalization at an unprecedented scale.

For consultancy firms and for organizations.

PRAIORITIZE serves consultancy firms to get their know-how to descend from the boardroom to the work floor. From the static slide deck for the board to online Virtual Consultants for every manager and employee. And PRAIORITIZE serves organizations directly. Firstly because organizations are more than often out of scope for consultancy firms. Secondly, with 100 million managers in need and 1% or organizations served the market is big enough.

All it takes is One Minute/Hour/Day.

Usually, managers aren't trained in consultancy skills. Hence, a self-service approach mandates simplicity. PRAIORITIZE's guiding principle is One Minute – One Hour – One Day. Users are now supported to specify their problem in one minute, to convert that issue into a questionnaire and send this to their managers and employees in one hour, and get the results analysed and translated into personalized advice back in one day.

For inspiration: the first consultancy store ever.

Not everyone is equally prepared to articulate their business isse. To inspire consultants and organizations where to use PRAIORITIZE, the company offers the first consultancy store ever with more than a thousand business issues. When users can't find what they are looking for, dedicated A.I. requires only a few keywords to create a tailor-made assessment.

The focus is on transformation.

This first consultancy store focuses on moving organizations from A to B. Implementing diversity, becoming more innovative, adopting that new business process: everyone is part of the problem. And, so is everyone part of the solution and need to be supported with Virtual Consultants at their side. The focus is on transformation. For problems with databases, PRAIORITIZE recommends to asks data scientists for help. For specific documents/deliverables (business plan, process design, tax advice) ask a topical specialist.


A new format: the Virtual Consultant.

To replicate and extend the advisory process to an online world, the usual interview rounds are replaced by questionnaires; the spreadsheets and slide decks by an online Virtual Consultant. The questionnaires have been upgraded: for every question there are 30 (!) additional content elements so algorithms can aggregate and analyse the respondents' input and propose alternative improvement scenarios. Once a manager (or the board) decides on the improvement target, the Virtual Consultants advice why to change, what to improve, how to improve it and who can help whom. Online and in real time. Specified per manager and per individual employee.

Sure, GPT-3/ChatGPT ... and a lot more.

To make sure the Virtual Consultants (VCs) are prepared for whatever business issue comes across, PRAIORITIZE developed A.I. that read and ranked 11,000 whitepapers from the top-100 consultancy firms. It selected the best 20% and used these to train GPT-3/ChatGPT in creating more specific content to power these VCs. This training also included feeding GPT-3/ChatGPT content of from 1,000 earlier transformation projects (questions, best practices, etc.).


GPT-4 and advertising.

GPT-4 allows us to blur the lines between a traditional and a Virtual Consultant. And, sooner than later, most consultancy will likely be free of charge anyway. After all, 100 million managers equal half a billion sales opportunities and a B2B advertising market north of 200 billion. The technology costs are negligible in comparison."


PRAIORITIZE is the world’s first SaaS platform for Virtual Consultancy. We use artificial intelligence to help organizations digitally transform in a smart, efficient and science-based way. PRAIORITIZE is owned and operated by Transparency Lab, a Dutch employee-owned company. We started in 2008, understood patterns around 2016 and started with generative A.I. in 2020.

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